Strategic surgical thinking is more difficult to develop than manual skill

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Scientific Director:

Mario Romano MD PhD

Humanitas Gavazzeni (BG) Italy
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Training in ophthalmology


Provides a new interactive training model based on live surgical videos. The audience can learn by asking live questions to expert surgeons in order to fully understand the rationale behind each surgical step. Expert surgeons can comment on technical aspects but also share tip and tricks or report mistakes to be avoided. The aim is to create a platform where eye surgeons of all levels of expertise can interact freely and ultimately find simple solutions to complex problems.


Live Surgery

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Successful surgery needs training, a clear view, advanced planning and technical skills. Surgeons need to acquire knowledge beyond the classic theoretical educational models. By watching real live surgical videos with the possibility to directly interact with the experts, the audience will be able to understand the strategy behind each step of the surgery.


How does it work?

They are WEB based and are delivered through the Surgical Training platform that allows the delivery of Live Surgery, Webinars or lectures. To receive the content, simply register with the platform using a device: "computer, tablet or smartphone" and have an internet connection. Delivered via live streaming, all the lessons can be reviewed comfortably in the preferred mode. During the event it is possible to connect live with the Tutor and interact in real time.


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